Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Email addresses Geo Dost Aig Kamran Khan Ka sath

Email addresses Geo Dost , Aig Kamran Khan Ka sath , BOLIN KYA BAT HA,  bottomline When ever there is any terrorist activity in the world. If you have any video about the occurrence please sent on the following e-mail address. They will show the video by your name  at Geo TV.
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Geo TV program Aig Kamran Khan Ka sath
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~SSThis daily and weekly updated are given by Kamran Kahan kamran khan

BOLIN KYA BAT HA email address

If any news you have then you simply email on this email address GEO TV publish it

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  1. Dear Mr. Kamran Khan,
    you a very nice and positive anker thats why i send this message to you, pls send clear message to our political leadership and our Armed forces to take very very serious counter measures if any attach come from US and UK. What fear in my mind is if any incident happen agin such as 9/11 or Mumbai attach. than direct action would take against pakistan, or terroist succeed to steal nuclear material or bomb and succeed to blast on US or British soil than it will be a nigtmare for Pakistan and pakistani govt. so pls pls complete you full scale homework if such type of incident happen. Before 9/11 no body knows such type of incident can Happen on US Soil. so better to prepare earlier and complete homework to avoid any big diaster to our homeland. May God bless Pakistan.