Sunday, January 23, 2011

Veena Malik Ghadar Ha The whole story with pictures of Veena Malik

Veena Malik in Big Boss Reality Show what’s Reason?
 In September 2010, Malik was approached to become part of the Indian television reality show, Bigg Boss Season 4, hosted by Salman Khan. She accepted the offer and remained a part of the show that started on October 3, 2010. She was evicted two weeks before the finals.
Veena malik called for Indian program  Big Boss. The only reason behind is that she insulting Pakistan on Cricket Mach fixing Case. He  speak against M Asif  and give some proof against match fixing. In this way she does not only give statement against M Asif
 But in This way she  insulted not only M Asif  but also insulted Pakistan. Because M. Asif is Pakistani cricket team star any blame on him is also blame on Pakistan. Therefore she does not only give proof against M Asif but also against Pakistan. If any one insult Pakistan India like that person therefore they cast him in Big Boss Show.     
 Conclusion is that now she came bake from India after giving performance in Big Boss. Where Indian also insulted him because she soled his country culture for some money. They also insult her because if she is not for her country she is not anyone
 Veena Malik in Front Line With Kamran Shahid 21st January 2011
Veena Malik Insulted Syed Noor insulted Mufti Saib
 In this program she insulted Mufti and Kamran Shahid but she does not apologize for his rough behavior her behaviour is not good she tell that she is educated but his way of taking is not showing any educational behaviour   
 Veena Malik in Front Line With Kamran Shahid 23rd January 2011
Veena Malik Insulted Syed Noor

 In this program she maintain her behavior as she had previously. Syed Noor is calleing as daughter but she insulted Syed Noor who is older than her. Syed Noor is one of great producer of lollywood industry.

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