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Anti Oxidant Capsules for CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE

The "first killer" threatening human health - cardiovascular disease

The main cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is arteriosclerosis, which results in reduced and obstructed blood vessel lumen and produces a series of vascular system diseases. Cardiovascular diseases include heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipemia etc., and are mainly caused by arteriosclerosis.
Arteriosclerosis means there is deposit of fat and cholesterol in the inner wall of arteries accompanying with the formation of fibrous tissues and calcification.
The occurrence and development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are closely related to the daily life of people, and their incidence rate in our country is on the increase year by year. In recent years, they have been the "first killer" threatening the life and health of human.
These diseases have high incidence rate, high mortality, high disabling rate, high recur rence rate and many complications and great influence on the longevity and life-quality of people.
The patients with cardiovascular diseases have to tolerate the anguish and torture of these diseases, and the life-quality is greatly decreased, so these diseases have a strong impact on the health status of human. According to report, the incidence rate of cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases in our country is 13.6%. There are about 110 million hypertensive patients, 15-20 million coronary heart disease patients and about 6 million cerebral apoplexy patients. 1400 person-time visit hospital for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases every year.
According to the report of World Health Organization (WHO), in developed countries, the expense for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases occupies almost 10% of the direct health service expense.
World Health Organization (WHO) has regarded cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as the “first killer” threatening human health. Annually, about 15 million persons die from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the world. In our country, about 4 million persons die from these diseases, which occupy more than 3/5 of the death toll.
Relevant story
Mysterious French Paradox - In the diet of Frenchman, the content of animal lipid and the intake of cholesterol are high. Many Frenchmen smoke and addict to wine, and the average vintage consumption per capita takes the first place in the world. According to diet and life style, Frenchmen should be a group with high risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, in fact, the incidence rate and mortality of cardiovascular diseases in Frenchmen are low. It has been found in studies that the incidence rate and mortality of coronary heart diseases in Frenchmen are lower than those in other western countries, such as UK and USA. In the standard group (35-64 years old), the mortality of coronary heart diseases in men in French is about 1/2 of that in UK, and about 1/4 of that in USA, and the mortality of coronary heart disease in women in French is about 1/3 of that in UK, and about 1/4 of that in USA. This strange phenomenon is called the French Paradox.
In 1989, it was found by the epidemiological research in the "Monica Project" of World Health Organization (WHO) World Cardiovascular Disease Control System that the diet structure of Frenchmen, Englishmen and American were almost same, but Englishmen preferred to drink drastic distilled liquor, American preferred to drink beer, while Frenchmen preferred to drink vintage. Apparently, vintage is the causal factor. In 1970, the average consumption of vintage was 108 L per Frenchman, equivalent to 300 ml/day/person. Apparently, vintage makes the difference. After careful analysis, the researchers deemed the cause of the French Paradox was the resveratrol in vintage.
Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol with strong biological activity and an important natural phytoalexin and antioxidant. It consists in many plants, such as grape, mulberry, peanut etc. In particular, grape pericarp has the highest content of resveratrol.
Efficacy of the product:
1) Lowering blood viscosity, preventing atherosclerosis, and improving cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
The increase in the adverse lipids is the cause of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. "Three high" refers to the increase of the content of triglyceride, total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein. The pathopoiesis mechanism is as follows: "Three high" - "Increase of blood viscosity" - "Decrease of elasticity of vessel wall (artherosclerosis)" - "shortage of blood supply for cardiac muscles, elevation of blood pressure" - "coronary heart disease and/or hypertensive heart disease" - "myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, etc."
Therefore, reduction of the content of adverse lipids in blood is the key for the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Resveratrol can lower the adverse lipids in blood, such as triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein, and increase beneficial high-density cholesterol (HDL), which plays the role of "blood vessel scavenger." Thus it can effectively remove the various undesirable components in blood, reduce plasma viscosity, and prevent thrombosis.
It can prevent the formation of atherosclerosis plaques and spasm of coronary artery different kinds of (blood supply for heart), maintain normal blood supply for important tissues and organs in human body, effectively improve arteriosclerosis and hypertension, and prevent and cure different kinds of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
2) Antioxidation and postponing senescence.
Senescence is an unavoided and irresistible process in the life process of human, but the delay of the occurrence and development of senescence is necessary and possible.
To postpone senescence, the principle of senescence should be mastered. Evidently, the natural lifespan of some person is concerned with the natural lifespan of his/her parents, but optimistic character, proper physical exercises, regular life, scientific and appropriate nutrition, health care, and prevention of disease are all necessary for health and longevity.
Oxygen is indispensable for human body, and some of the oxygen entering human body will transform into destructive "free radicals". "Free radicals" are the chemical radicals with strong oxidability in human body, which are the root causes for the aging of human body and many diseases. Free radicals make cells and tissues oxidized and damaged and result in various diseases, even tumors.
In conclusion, oxidation is the source of different kinds of diseases. Therefore, antioxidation is an unneglectable health care method at present.
Relevant story
In the Anti-aging Bible written by Earl Mindell, the famous nutritionist in the United States, resveratrol is classified as the most effective anti-aging substance.
It has been proved by a great deal of trials that resveratrol can effectively remove "free radicals", significantly reduce the injury of "free radicals" to tissues and organs, thereby significantly postpone the deterioration and aging of various functions and prolong life.
3) Regulating immunity and preventing tumors.
Immune system is the barrier of human body against various pathogenic factors, equivalent to the armed force and policemen of a country, which is the guarantee for the "long period of stability" of human body. If immune system is impaired due to various reasons, the anti-disease capacity will be reduced and various pathogenic factors will take advantage of this weak point.
The "foreign enemies", namely virus, harmful bacteria, fungi etc., lead to communicable diseases, while the "interior enemy", namely tumor, is more dangerous.
Tumor is the malignant transformation of normal cells. Because of the immune surveillance of immune system, the malignant transformation rate is low. Even if malignant transformation occurs, the malignant cells will be eradicated by immune system in a flash. However, when immune system is in hypofunction, the incidence rate of tumors will be greatly increased, which may result in serious injury to health.
Enhancing immunity is like enhancing the fighting capacity of an army, which is a long-term process. Resveratrol can significantly enhance the function and vitality of immunocytes in vivo, stimulate the generation of various immunologic active factors, significantly increase the activity of immune system, enhance immunity, thus effectively resist various diseases, decrease the incidence rates of infections, tumors and autoimmune diseases, and it has no side effects.
The ancient saint says "Prevention is more important than treatment". According to the statistical result of WHO, the effect of one US dollar for prevention is equivalent to that of 280 US dollars for treatment.
Therefore, prevention before disease occurs is a wise choice.
Special feature of the product
TIENS Group cooperates with Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has studied on resveratrol for several years. At present, TIENS Group is the leading manufacturer of resveratrol products in our country according to quality, scale and production techniques.
TIENS Grape Extract Capsules are made from high-quality grapes with modern biological techniques. The following high techniques are adopted during the separation and extraction of resveratrol:
1. Advanced biological inducing technique significantly increases the content of resveratrol in grapes.
2. Advanced preparation technique isolates the extracted resveratrol from external environment so as to avoid contact with air and assure the stability of products during preparation, storage and use.
The content of resveratrol in one capsule of this product is higher than that in one bottle of red wine!   
Target customers and edible method
1. Target customers:
Middle-aged and old people above 40 years old;
Persons with high blood fat;
Persons with long time high-fat and high-protein diet;
Hypertension patients;
Patients with insufficient cardiac muscle blood supply and coronary heart disease patients.
2. Edible method:
3 times a day, 2 capsules each time.

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