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Beau Tea has been the fad to quite a few people, especially to women who are slimming blindly in pursuit of the slender stature. However, three problems in the following can not be ignored out of question: Whether you are fat? Is your slimming method useful to the body? Detail of these question is given in article

Main ingredients and efficacies of the product
With the growth in the living standard of China, the number of people who are fat increases with each passing day. Patients who suffered from the adiposity not only inconvenient in sashay, but the more important is increasing the heart burden, which brings harm to the tissue systems and cause the high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, sugar diabetes, and disease of cerebrovascular accident. In allusion to the above conditions, we develop the TIENS Beau Tea. The ancient has used the tea for slimming, the Supplement to Materia Medica in Tang Dynasty recorded that: “Taking the tea for a long time will slim the body and eliminate the fat. It is suitable to drink it when the tea is hot, the sputum will be accumulated when in cold”. The TIENS Beau Tea has used the medicines which can clear the sputum and benefit the wet, moisten the intestines and defaecate, activity the blood and melt the silt, strengthen the spleen and dispel the fat, promote qi and digest the food. The tea can regulate the body functions and accelerate the decomposition of excessive fat in the body, the efficacy slimming will be achieved accordingly.
The product derives the elite of herbages adequately. It is condensed and refined by lotus leaf, sicklesenna seed, Oolong tea, rhubarb and other pure and natural components. By inhibiting the absorption of the fats and accelerating the steatolysis, the product will achieve the purpose of lightening the weight as well as modeling and beautifying the body. There is no any side effect even we take it for a long time.
Lotus leaf
It is the vane to lotus, which belongs to the family spatterdock. It is picked in August to October and insolated to be the medicine. The efficacies are clearing away heat evil and promoting diuresis. It can be used to cure the summer hotness, headache and vertigo, spleen deficiency and diarrhea and many kinds of hemorrhage. The lotus leaf can be used as medicinal broth and the dose is 3-12g, it can also be used as pill, powder, external application and bath. The pharmacology research shows that the lotus leaf contains the roemerine, lotus leaf alkali, lotus saponin, quercin, tartaric acid, citric acid and tannin. The lotus leaf is effective in clearing the hot and benefiting the water, the folks have taken the lotus leaf conjee in the summer to dispel the hotness. Clinically, it is commonly used to cure the adiposis, especially applicable to the summer slimming, or to spleen deficiency and blocked damp, hot stomach and blocked damp for people who suffered the adiposis.
The lotus leaf can clear the hot and benefit the water, strengthen the spleen as well as assistant curing the adiposis. China has considered lotus leaf to be the good medicine for slimming from of old. The root of lotus flower, namely the lotus rhizome, owns the function of diuresis, so the leaf should have the same efficacy.
Sicklesenna seed
It is able to clear the livers and eyes, benefit the water and defaecation. It is the mature seed of sicklesenna, which belongs to the legumina. The seed can be used in crude or fried, so it is also called the Cassia occidentalis. The efficacies are clearing the livers and eyes, moistening the intestines and defaecation. It can be used to cure the headache and vertigo, conjunctival congestion and gall, hot injection and constipation. The modern pharmacology demonstrates that sicklesenna seed includes the rhubarb phenol of the anthraquinone, aloe-emodin, sterol and fatty acids, etc. It owns the functions in lowering the blood pressure, lowering the blood-fat, inhibiting the bacteriums, producing the cellular immunity, etc.
It is able to cure adiposis, chronic constipation, mastitis, colpitis mycotica, child dyspepsia, ulcer of the mouth, cataract. The sicklesenna seed can be used for both medicines and food, it can be frothed into the tea after it is fried, which is effective in clearing the hot and eyes. The sicklesenna seed owns the functions of alleviating the diarrhea since it can disturb the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, so it is the most common traditional Chinese drug for slimming. It can be used as medicinal broth, powder and tablet. The crude owns better functions in catharsis than the fried. The common dose is 10-15g when it is used as the medicinal broth, the fried effect will be better if broken into pieces.
Oolong tea
The popular of the Oolong tea lies in the slimming effects of releasing the fat, the parlance is also proved scientifically. Because the main component in the tea—tannin, proves the osculatory relations with lipid metabolism. In addition, the experiment results also prove that the Oolong tea can lower the content of cholesterol in the blood, which shows that it indeed is the excellent slimming tea. The experiments prove that: the increasing cholesterol can be inhibited by drinking Oolong tea about one litre per day. The dose for drinking depends on the body conditions, however, it is better to collocate Oolong tea when the food is too greasiness. In this way, you will feel satiety, and the fatness can be eliminated as well.
Rhubarb owns the functions of dissolving the lipocytes and inhibiting the cooperation of the fat in the lipocytes. In addition, the fats excretion can be accelerated as well.
Efficacy of the product
1) Inhibiting the absorption of intestines to lipid
2) Regulating the body metabolism and accelerating the steatolysis.
3) Sustaining and promote the normal squirm of the intestines, preventing the constipation
4) Regulating the balance of flora in the intestinal tracts
5) Clearing the metabolic wastes in the intestinal tracts, preventing the occurrence of the intestinal tumor
6) Sustaining the healthy state of the skin
The TIENS Beau Tea is based on the Chinese traditional medicinal theory, and the main materials of the product are the fine Oolong tea and Kuting tea. The product is refined by the strict process and mated with the lotus leaf, sicklesenna seed, alisma, rhubarb and dried old orange. The TIENS Beau Tea is able to regulate the body functions and accelerate the catabolism of lipid in the body, so as to achieve the efficacy of slimming. In addition, the TIENS Beau Tea owns the efficacies in promoting limpidity and lowering the thickness, lowering the lipid and decreasing the weight, waking the wine and dispelling the damp, moistening the intestines and defaecation.
According to the traditional Chinese medicine and basis for research and clinical applications of the modern Chinese medicine, the researchers in TIENS refine the TIENS Beau Tea by scientifically mating the lotus leaf which can clear the yang, the sicklesenna seed which can moist the intestines and eliminate the fat, the Oolong tea and Kuting tea which can digest the food and eliminate the sputum, alisma which can clear away heat evil and promote diuresis, the rhubarb which can eliminate the heat and dredge the shit, the dried old orange which can regulate vital energy and strengthen the spleen. The tea is able to promote limpidity and lower the thickness, lower the lipid and decrease the weight, wake the wine and dispel the damp, moisten the intestines and defaecation. In addition, it is able to accelerate the decomposition of proteins and fats. The clinical experiments indicate that taking the TIENS Beau Tea will be able to lower the cholesterol and neutral fat in the blood, so as to decrease the cholesterol and triglyceride, as well as accelerate the degradation of the hyperlipemia. In company with the rising fad in returning to the natural and advocating health, the TIENS Beau Tea has exploited a new world and provided a good healthy food for slimming to countrymen. The TIENS Beau Tea has been proved to own the function in slimming, and it was authorized to be the health food by Ministry of Health in 1999. By virtue of the experiments in animals and human body, TIENS Beau Tea is found to be quite obvious in slimming and lowering the blood fat, moreover, no influence will be induced to the body functions of the normal people.
The clinical experiments prove that TIENS Beau Tea is the outstanding product in slimming. Taking the product usually will sustain you youth and fascination forever, as well as add the gloss for your life.
Target customers
People who own the fat stature
People who want to lighten their body weight, but difficult to withstand the tempt of the delicious food
People who suffer from long-term & non-smooth defecate, & people whose intestinal functions are not very good
People who are easy to “catch the internal heat”, & cause the obscure and dry skin as well as the dim and lentiginose face
People who are busy on their work and always take the snack
People who always take the high-fat food
People who own the high blood fat
Edible method
Three times per day, 1-2 bags for once. Dissolve the product in the hot water for ten minutes, and then you can take it. In addition, it can be dissolved repeatedly.

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