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Capsules contains Vitamin C and Vitamin E for Face Beauty

Dear female friends longing for beauty, if the chloasma still exists on face, the skin is still dry, unsmooth, coarse, and yellowish after you have used various expensive cosmetics, you should not only care your skin from outside, but also perform regulation from inside. If the required nutrition is not supplemented in accordance with the different physiologic period (menstrual period/gestation period/breast feeding period), the endocrine secretion may be in disorder, and you begin to be worried about appearance. TIENS Beauty Face Capsules discharge you from vexation and bring beauty for you.
Main ingredients of the product:
This product takes full use of herbaceous essence, and is made of radix rehmanniae, Angelica, white peony root, safflower, peach kernel, radix bupleuri, chuanxiong rhizome, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
It can regulate metabolism, improve systemic microcirculation, and make you beautiful from inside to outside. It also can promote blood circulation to remove stasis, ameliorate systemic blood circulation, enrich the blood, regulate endocrine secretion, regulate menstruation, enhance liver, regulate the flow of qi, resist oxidation, and remove freckles. It is the optimal combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine.
1) Radix rehmanniae: Irregular lumps or long round shape with intumescence in middle and two thin ends. Some may be small with a long, distorted and a little flat strip shape. The surface is brownish black or brownish gray, crimpled with irregular transverse crooked lines. It is heavy, soft and tough and difficult to be broken. The cross section is brownish black or corvinus, lustrous and viscous. It is odorless and sweet in taste. It can nourish yin, supplement blood, reinforce the stomach, remove heat from the blood, and promote the production of the body fluid.
It is indicated for deficiency of yin, hectic fever, night sweat, chronic cough, hemoptysis, anepithymia, syntexis, heat syndrome, vexation, thirst, long-time conjunctival congestion immediately after getting up etc. It is bitter and cold, and can reduce fever. It is sweet in flavor and cold and moist in nature, and can nourish yin. It is a fresh and cool and nourishing drug, specializing in nourishing yin and removing pathogenic heat from blood. It can remove pathogenic heat from blood, nourish yin, promote the production of the body fluid, and moisturize the intestine.
2) Angelica: Angelica is one of the most used traditional Chinese medicines in traditional Chinese medicine prescription, which is first recorded in Shennong's Classic of Materia Medica. Li Shizhen described that “Angelica can regulate blood and is a key drug for women.” Chen Cheng, a famous doctor said "Angelica can be used to treat postpartum bleeding for pregnant woman. It takes effect in a short time. It also has immediate effects on the patients with qi and blood in disorder and can put qi and blood in their normal way. The Chinese name of Angelica may result from this".
Relevant Story
Since the ancient period, Angelica has been used as a key drug for the department of obstetrics and gynecology. Angelica can not only activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, but also prevent and cure hypertension, because Angelica and dilate vessels, ameliorate the constitution of vessels, and make blood flow unobstructed, so as to lower blood pressure. It can enrich the blood, promote blood circulation, regulate menstruation, assuage pain, and loosen the bowel to relieve constipation, and is indicated for deficiency of blood, dimmish and yellowish tinge of the skin, vertigo, palpitation, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea asthenia cold, abdominal pain, dry intestine, constipation, rheumatism, numbness and pain, trauma and wound,, anthracia, cellulitis and skin and external diseases.
Angelica is a perennial herb of the umbelliferae family. The fleshy root of Angelica is used in many various drugs. The root can be divided into 3 parts: head, body and tail. The color of its surface is yellowish brown. The pulp is off-white and soft but tough with an aromatic odor. Those produced in Shanxi China are of top grade. Those produced in Sichuan, Gansu or Yunnan take second place.
Angelica can enrich the blood, regulate menstruation, assuage pain, and relieve constipation. After administration, it can enhance the absorbing capacity of the stomach and intestines, promote metabolism and stimulate the ovaries, and can postpone the senescence of women.
3) White peony root: This drug has the functions of calming the liver, assuaging pain, nourishing the blood, regulating menstruation, astringing yin fluid and suppression of sweating. It is indicated for headache, vertigo, hypochondriac pain, abdominal pain, limb pain, deficiency of blood, dimmish and yellowish tinge of the skin, irregular menstruation, spontaneous perspiration and night sweat. It is a little cold in nature and bitter and sour in taste. It belongs to the channels of liver and spleen. It can nourish the blood, astringe yin, and nourish the liver to relieve pain. It is a drug that can enrich the blood. Traditionally, it is often used to treat fever due to yin deficiency, spontaneous perspiration, night sweat, pain of chest, belly and hypochondria, irregular menstruation, metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, leukorrhea etc. It is recorded in Essentials of Materia Medica that it can "enrich the blood, purge the liver of pathogenic fire, enhance spleen, restrain the liver-yin, and is used to treat abdominal pain due to deficiency of blood".
Modern pharmacological studies have found that the principal active component of white peony root is paeoniflorin. This component can increase the flow of blood in the coronary artery, ameliorate the blood supply of cardiac muscles, dilate blood vessels, resist acute myocardial ischemia, and inhibit the aggregation of platelets. Additionally it promotes analgesia and anti-inflammation and deters the formation of ulcers. It is especially effective at enhancing the body’s immune functions.
4) Safflower: The tubular flower of safflower, an annual herb of composite family. It is mainly produced in Henan, Hebei, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shandong etc. It is picked in summer when its petalum turn from yellow to red.
The main functions of safflower are promoting blood circulation and restoring menstrual flow, which is indicated for blood stasis amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, enclosed mass in abdomen etc. It is often used with peach kernel, Angelica, chuanxiong rhizome, radix rehmanniae and red peony root in peach kernel, red peony root and 4-herb soup (Tao Hong Si Wu Tang). When used to treat coronary heart disease, it can be used with chuanxiong rhizome and radix salviae miltiorrhizae. When used to treat traumatic injury, ecchymoma, pain, stagnation of blood, costalgia, anthracia, swelling, hematemesis with stasis and stagnation, it can be used with peach kernel, libanus and myrrh.
The principal component of safflower is carthamin. In addition, it contains safflower yellow. Safflower decoction and fluidextract can result in the tonic or rhythmic contraction of uterus, especially for pregnant uterus. Its action is immediate and permanent. It also can lower blood pressure for a long time. Its water extract can dilate coronary artery and has exciting actions on intestine, blood vessels, and smooth muscles of bronchus, and can lead to vasoconstriction of renal vessels and reduced renal blood flow.
5) Peach kernel: This drug can promote blood circulation, remove sputum, and loosen the bowel to relieve constipation. It is indicated for amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and mass in the abdomen, trauma, injury, dry intestine and constipation. It is also used to treat amenorrhea, abdominal mass, and febrile disease with accumulation of blood, migratory arthralgia, malaria, traumatic injury, ecchymoma, dry blood and constipation. Peach kernel contains 3.6% of amygdalin, 0.4% of volatile oil, and 45% of fatty oil. The oil mainly includes olein and some glyceryl linoleate. Furthermore, it contains emulsin. It contains amygdalin and emulsin.
6) Rdix bupleuri: It can allay a fever, elevate the spleen yang, and relieve liver. It is indicated for cold, fever, alternate attacks of chills and fever, malaria, stagnation of the liver-qi, stagnation of qi, distending pain of sternal ribs, rectocele, uterine prolapse and irregular menstruation.
Radix bupleuri, Bupleurum chinensis DC., is a plant of umbelliferae. Alias name: Bamboo leaf radix bupleuri. It can compromise the outside and the inside, soothe the liver, and elevate the spleen yang. It is indicated for cold, fever, fullness sensation in chest, hypochondriac pain, headache, dizziness, rectocele, irregular menstruation, metroptosis etc. It is produced in northeast, north regions of China and Henan, Shanxi and Gansu.
Efficacy of the product:
1. Radix bupleuri, chuanxiong rhizome and white peony root can soothe the liver, regulate the flow of qi, eliminate dampness and disintoxicate toxic substances.
2. Peach kernel and safflower can promote blood circulation to dispel stasis and improve microcirculation.
3. Angelica and radix rehmanniae can nourish the blood, promote blood circulation, dispel stasis without impairing blood, enhance body constitution, and regulate metabolism. White peony root, radix bupleuri and chuanxiong rhizome can significant improve pachylosis and dry skin, and remove chloasma. It can effectively postpone the generation of wrinkles, and help skin to keep elasticity and tension.
4. Vitamin C and Vitamin E
They have synergic antioxidation function, and can effectively remove free radicals, prevent the generation of freckles and alleviate existing freckles.
Vitamin C can inhibit the formation of melanin, and Vitamin E is a free radical scavenger. Combination use of them produces synergic antioxidation effect, and can effectively remove free radicals, prevent the generation of freckles, and has good therapeutic actions on existing freckles. It can make the color of freckles lighter and freckles become smaller and disappear at last. In addition, it can effectively mitigate the wrinkles resulting from lipopenia, help the skin to keep elasticity and tension, and make skin beautiful.
In conclusion, this drug can activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, improve systemic microcirculation, keep blood flow unobstructed, enrich the blood to supply nutrition, make appearance beautiful, soothe the liver, regulate the flow of qi, improve feeling, and make qi and blood flow smoothly. Vitamin C and Vitamin E has synergic antioxidation effects, and can remove free radicals and freckles from inside to outside. The combination use of traditional Chinese medicine and modern western medicine make the qi and blood of woman harmonious, menstruation regular and appearance beautiful.
Target customers:
Persons with chloasma
Persons with poor elasticity and luster of skin
Persons with freckles and pigmentation in skin
Persons with poor body constitution
Edible method:
4-5 capsules each time, 3 times a day.
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